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Toddler room

Our engaging toddler room

We specialise in planned creative play and heuristic free play to help provide your children with everything they need to learn and develop. Contact EduCare today for more information.

Our toddler room

The toddler room is perfect for the energetic toddler age range! The children are now actively mobile and into everything! We work hard to ensure that the toddlers receive a variety of activities throughout the day in order to help them achieve and develop. The children are beginning to establish friendships with their peers and many of them are learning the really difficult concept that is a very difficult skill for the young child to learn. The children learn to take turns and work together through a variety of group activities, such as story time and heuristic play.

We like to encourage the children to develop in all areas, and achieve this through providing activities, which promote different skills. The activities are a mix of planned play experiences and free play. The planned play experiences encourage the children to work towards particular development aims. This is done by an adult playing and encouraging them, while observing and making assessments for the child‘s individual needs and what next steps are needed to help them develop. The free play sessions focus on allowing the children to discover things for themselves and explore their environment.
Cartoon toddlers
For more information on our free play and group activities visit EduCare only 1 mile from Nottingham City Centre and a short distance from Beeston, West Bridgford, Carlton, Long Eaton, Ilkeston and Derby.
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Two children playing with a ring tower

Creative activities and heuristic play

In the toddler unit they like to do lots of creative work, which are displayed around the room and collected in art folders ready to go home and put in to the child’s scrapbook. We have a sensory play area which is readily available for the children to explore various objects. Once babies are more confidently mobile we can start introducing heuristic play sessions. 

Elionr Goldschmied developed these; the word ‘heuristic’ comes from the word ‘heurisko’, which means ‘serves to discover’ or ‘gain an understanding of’. This describes exactly what the children are doing they are finding out what different objects are and what they can do. We use an area of the room where other activities will not interfere. We set the tins, baskets and boxes out around the room in small groups with a collection of objects near them. The children enjoy playing outside in the garden whatever the weather! They enjoy playing with hoops, balls, using bikes and climbing the steps to the climbing frame.
When ready, your child can move into our pre-school
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