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Our rooms

Exceptional care and learning

At EduCare we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care services and professional educational childcare for babies, toddlers and young children. Call our dedicated team today.

Our rooms

There are 3 main rooms in the EduCare nursery for baby, toddler and pre-school age ranges. Within the nursery, each age group has its own separately equipped unit so that care and activities can be specifically structured to the needs and development stage of the children within that particular age range.

Our learning through play philosophy offers our babies a wide range of toys, equipment, activities and experiences designed to encourage the development of the young child’s emerging skills, including; visual, perceptual, social, language, motor, manipulative, hand-eye co-ordination and discovery. Close interaction exists between the nursery staff and the children, to encourage their physical and language development and to create the awareness of the world around them. At this stage, with parental assistance, we assume a flexible daily routine built around the sleeping and feeling pattern and development stage of each individual baby.
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EduCare is based in Nottingham, visit our baby, toddler and pre-school rooms and learn more about our educational childcare services.
We're based in Nottingham only 1 mile from the City Centre.
Call our main office on 0115 962 6226
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Child development and learning

As your child becomes older we offer a clearly defined routine, so that we can provide a purposeful and varied day containing a wide range of fun and learning activities. Our day incorporates both ‘adult-directed’ and ‘child-led’ activities, as well as periods of indoor and outdoor ‘free-play’. Activities include: water and sand play, creative play, art and crafts, cooking, modelling, story time, music and movement, nursery rhymes, singing, fine motor play, jigsaws, puzzles, construction toys, outdoor play, ride on toys, news and discussion time. We use these play activities to introduce early concepts of counting, colours and shapes and create positive foundations for child development.

Because of our high staff to child ratio, our team are able to work closely alongside your children, discussing and encouraging their activities and so helping to promote their language, observational and physical development.

Each child has its own special scrapbook and when your child joins the nursery a scrap book will be made. This book will have photos of your child while at nursery and any pictures they might have created. You are welcome at any time to look at the scrapbooks and you can bring in any pictures you want to be add in or the postcards of places you have visited.
We also provide after school activities
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