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We are very proud of our exceptional pre-school programme and our excellent Ofsted reports.

Our Ofsted reports

Our pre-school programme undergoes regular inspections by Ofsted and has received consistently high levels of praise for the quality of our educational planning, teaching and learning outcomes. The following are just a few proud moments from our Ofsted reports from 1997, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2014. EduCare has achieved outstanding grades and is recognized as being an exemplary setting for safe guarding children. 
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Comments from our Ofsted reports

"The planning of the educational programme is excellent.”

“The teaching of the educational programme is of a high quality… This contributed directly to the children’s good progress in all area of learning.”

“Staff are calm, kind and treat the children with respect.”

“Staff have created a welcoming, happy atmosphere where all children receive appropriate attention and support for their developing independence and their early learning skills.”

“Children are helped to work at their own level and activities meet the demands of those who learn at different rates and who need particular support.”

“The programme for language and literacy, providing children with a stimulating environment in which to extend their language skills.”

“Multicultural activities are planned effectively to promote children’s sense of belonging.”

“There is a strong programme for mathematics.”

“All the resources are of a good quality, reflect the multi-cultural society and are aesthetically pleasing… Resources are kept up-to-date with new equipment being constantly acquired.”

“Children are happy, confident and very well behaved.” ”Children’s health, safety, well-being, enjoyment, and achievement is promoted by very well organized systems.”

“The partnership with parents and carers is excellent… Parents value the work of the pre-school and feel that their children are making good progress.”

“Parents are appropriately consulted and informed about their children’s development. Children are beginning to appreciate cultures that are different from their own as the nursery participated in a wealth of cultural celebrations."

“The nursery holds the sessions when parents can discuss their child’s progress ensuring everybody works together for the child’s benefit. The nursery has been piloting the opportunity for the parents to work with staff to plan the next step in children’s learning. Therefore, acknowledging the fact that parents are children’s first educator.”

“The comprehensive range of records, policies and procedures are meticulously implemented by staff to promote children’s welfare, learning, and development exceedingly well.”

“Staff works hard to create a friendly supportive and caring atmosphere, developing children’s self-esteem well. Children participate in the activities enthusiastically and appreciate having a wide selection of choices so they develop their independence well.”

“Staff access the children’s progress well through regular observation and they use the information gained to appreciate the next steps in children’s learning.”

“The management teams are highly committed individuals and are constantly striving to improve their practice and facilities.”

“The nursery has now set up a room for parents and provides outstanding opportunities to support children’s health and care, such as having contact with the Health Visitor and providing space for breast feeding.”

“Maintaining the building to a high standard of cleanliness.”
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