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Baby room

Our baby room

Whatever the stage of your child's development you can trust the qualified team at EduCare to provide a nurturing experience to help them develop at their own individual pace.

Our baby room

The baby unit is perfect for babies aged 6 weeks and upwards. EduCare has babies who are not yet mobile, ones who are learning to crawl and others who are taking their first steps! We like to create a relaxed, safe and homely environment for the babies and follow your individual care routine as offered at home.

We like to encourage the babies to develop in all areas, and achieve this through providing activities that promote different skills. Activities are deliberately not structured in order to allow them to explore and develop their senses at their own individual pace.

We provide a sensory area for the babies, which is available every day. This includes a variety of materials, which enables the babies to explore using their senses. The babies are encouraged to take part in physical activities, which promote an awareness of the body. We have a ball pool and many fine motor activities to learn how to use their hands and fingers.
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To arrange a tour of our safe and secure baby rooms with sensory area and ball pool, call our experienced team and visit EduCare in Nottingham City Centre.
Call our main office on 0115 962 6226
Four Babies playing with paint

Creative and messy play activities

The babies also join in with many creative and messy play activities. We take prints of the child’s hands and feet and they are encouraged to paint with them both.
We provide a wide range of activities for the children to take part in: we use stand, corn flour, dough, pasta, and these activities are planned weekly. We display the children’s work around the room before we send them home.

In the baby unit we enjoy going outside in the garden, depending on the weather. The younger babies relax in pushchairs or play on a picnic rug with toys. The more mobile babies enjoy time on the swings or using the push along toys. In a summer when the sun is shining the babies like to play in the padding pool.

As a part of the baby units is a sleep room. The room is quiet and a rice relaxing area with cots or cradles for younger babies. We have sensory equipment such as bubble lamps and relaxing music to make it a calm restful environment.
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