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Educational care services

Our nurseries are based in Nottingham a short distance from Beeston, West Bridgford, Carlton, Long Eaton, Derby and Nottinghamshire. Contact our team today to arrange a tour.

Our experienced and qualified staff

We operate a high ratio of staffing to maintain our commitment to provide the highest quality of childcare. Both nurseries have a nursery manager, supported by a deputy manager. A senior nursery practitioner is responsible for each room and is assisted by a team of qualified nursery nurses and assistants. In the pre-school unit of each nursery, a qualified teacher works closely with small groups of children. The teacher also works closely with nursery staff in the pre-school unit in planning and organising activities. Our operational manager supports both nurseries, ensuring that EduCare is providing the best education and care for each child.

Staff development is paramount and all nursery assistants are training towards a recognised qualification in childcare. We offer the best training opportunities to our staff so they can provide excellent support in the nursery. We pride ourselves on our staff training and have a high number of first aiders who work within the nursery.

Useful information about our nurseries

Owner: Mr John Johal & Mrs Rashem Johal
Local authority: Nottingham
Registered as: Private Day Nursery
Age range: from 6 weeks to 8 years
Total places for children: EduCare 1 = 50, EduCare 2 = 80
Number of staff: EduCare 1 = 17, EduCare 2 = 28
Opening Days: Monday - Friday
Opening hours: 07:30 am - 18:30 pm
Open all year and closed on bank holidays and weekends

Staff hierarchy

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Early Years Practitioner/Teacher
  • Deputy managers
  • Supervisors
  • Head of rooms
  • Qualified practitioners
  • Nursery assistants
  • Nursery trainees
  • Qualified cooks and cleaners
A happy group at play

Key Persons

At EduCare, each child is seen as an individual, and their needs are unique to them.

We dedicate a key person to work in each room of the nursery. This person will build a special warm and caring relationship with both the child and each parent or carer to help ensure that they settle in well at the nursery. The key person will often be the one to provide care to reassure the child.

The key person will be there to provide information regarding your child’s development and if you have any concerns or would like to inform us of your child’s development, the key worker will ensure that all nursery staff connected with your child has been informed.

Additional activities

We have additional different programmes, designed to support children with creativity, listening skills, self-esteem, balance, co-ordination, emotional well-being, social skills, language, literacy and problem solving.

    Dance sessions

    We have a dance teacher come into our nursery with planned session demonstrating different types of dance. This encourages children to be more creative and enjoy a variety of different types of dance and music.

    Kindermusik sessions

    ABC music and Me Kindermusik is an award-winning music enrichment programme for children of nursery age that parents and carers can also become involved in as they can receive home kits including CDs, a family activity guide and various instruments every other month. A trained member of staff will take sessions with the children once a week to encourage their development.

    Yoga sessions

    The children enjoy our yoga time, exploring their bodies, hearts and mind. The yoga project covers a range of sections including breathing techniques, vocalization and posture work. This in turn improves the children’s self-esteem and confidence.

      Zumba session 

      What better way for children to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children's lives by making fitness fun. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence and self-esteem.

        Busy Feet

        Every morning all the children enjoy Busy Feet. This promotes movement, healthy eating, self awareness and imagination for your child to be active in a fun way. 

        Gardening clubs 

        For our children, contact with nature is wonderful. We aim for nurturing children, as they make connections with natural environment, learn about the cyclic nature of the seasons, and begin to find out more about where their food comes from and ensuring that they have loads of fun in the mud kitchen.

        Food and eating projects

        The children take part in reality eating projects. They grow their own vegetables and fruit, including strawberries, lettuce, carrots and beans in the outside garden area. Through the use of stories and discussions, we regularly plan activities to raise the children’s awareness of healthy foods and the benefits of a healthy diet. 

          Play and stay session 

          Introducing new play and stay session for parents and friends are coming to EduCare, look out for our notice and come and join in.

          Forest trips and outdoor activities 

          We want our children to learn and explore about the environment they are in while learning about road safety. Children will attend trips out of the nursery. Typical activities include bird watching, climbing trees, collecting “treasures” like sticks or stones, examining animal tracks and do-it-yourself projects such as planting and nest making. Children love to bring those outdoor books to life like the bear hunt.

            After school care/holiday clubs

            EduCare are busy in arranging fun activities for children up to 10 years old. So why not call us and see what we have planned for the next school holidays.

            You and your family

            EduCare are here to support your child and families needs, by ensuring that our services are individual for your needs and we tailor our services to meet your requirements. We want to support you as a family and ensure you receive the best possible care.
              Over the term additional activities are arranged, promoting fund raising, festivals and celebrations for all cultures ensuring the nursery shares those special events which are important to you.

              Meals and special dietary requirements

              At EduCare we recognise the importance of children enjoying a well-balanced diet using plenty of fresh food products. Good nutrition is vital to ensure that a child's bones are strong and teeth remain healthy. All our meals are prepared on the premises by our fully trained cooks ensuring every child has a well-balanced diet.

              Menus are displayed in the reception area and for each meal, a vegetarian option is also available. Great care is taken to support children with special or cultural dietary needs and our team are pleased to discuss any special dietary requirements that your child may have and put measures into place to ensure that every child's needs are met.

              A full day session includes a 2 course lunch and afternoon tea as well as morning and afternoon snacks.
              A morning session includes a 2 course lunch and a morning snack.
              An afternoon session includes afternoon tea and an afternoon snack.
              We also serve breakfast up to 8:30am.
              If you have any questions regarding meals, curriculum or any of our educational care services please contact our
              dedicated team today.
              EduCare is only 1 mile from Nottingham City Centre and a short distance from Hucknall, Ilkeston, Bingham, Derby and Nottinghamshire.
              Call our main office on 0115 962 6226

              Parent Workshop

              At EduCare we recognise that some parents would like to be more involved with their child's development, so EduCare arrange parent workshops each term. These are held after nursery hours and we provide a free after hour childcare for parents attending the workshop. We cover a range of topics, which are relevant to our nursery and children.
                Parent workshops have been arranged to share some of the major aspects of phonics grounding and teaching learnt from our experiences as part of the early reading project. This seemed to be a successful initiative. We have ideas for subjects, but if you have any areas or concerns you would like support with, please do not hesitate to speak the nursery managers that are coordinating these initiatives.

                Parent Association

                At EduCare the Parent Association (PA) has been established to help the spiritual and social development of the nursery community and to enhance the learning environment for both children and their families. Any family can become a member of the Parent Association on joining EduCare. The PA holds a meeting once every quarter and all members are welcome.

                EduCare hopes to build stronger links to communities by bringing all parents together in a sociable environment.

                The Parent Association allow EduCare to have better communication with parents leading to EduCare providing more bespoke services, which will be tailored to each parents needs and requests. Discussions to promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of our children will allow EduCare to support child development, and other issues that foster our parent’s partnership with the nursery. Parent Association leaders organize various meetings throughout the school year to facilitate communication between parents and the nursery.

                Partnership with parents and carers

                EduCare is dedicated to the needs of our children, parent and carers. The relationship is a three-way communication and parents and carers are encouraged to be involved in activities in the nursery. Throughout your child's time with us we will record their journey of learning and development, which is unique to them. We offer the opportunity to discuss your entire child’s development at home and in the nursery, so our members of staff are fully supporting your child as he or she grows. Parents also gain access to the private parent area of our website to see important documents, event information and photographs from events and activities.

                Our private family room is used to discuss any concerns or worries you may have. All information provided is confidential. Our members of staff are always available and will encourage you to discuss all those special occasions, which are important to you, so we can share and support them with your child.

                Parents and carers are encouraged to attend parent evenings, parent workshops and our special events throughout the year.
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